Trading interface overview

In this section, you can find information about the Trading UI, including a quick overview of the available widgets and useful tips on how to configure the Trading Board workspaces.

Main toolbar

The main toolbar is located on the left side of the page and and provides quick access to the most commonly used commands:

Other toolbar commands include the following:

  • Announcements — provides access to a list of notifications sent by the exchange

  • Reset — restores the original layout of the default workspace

  • Main Settings — provides access to the main settings of the exchange, allowing you to select the interface language and visual theme (light or dark)

  • Log Out — enables you log out from the exchange, after which you are navigated to the Login page


The Trading Board features a number of widgets making it easier to access and switch between various pieces of information and functionality. For example, a separate widget is used to display the current balances on all of your trading accounts, and another one presents up-to-date order book information.

You can configure and arrange widgets differently across multiple workspaces:

  • To view a list of available workspaces, click the Show workplaces button located under the main menu icon (☰) on the left.

  • To switch to a specific workspace, click it in the menu that is displayed.

  • To create a new workspace, click the plus button.

  • To rename a workspace, click the pencil button displayed near the workspace icon.

  • To remove a workspace, click the cross button displayed near the workspace icon.


You can restore the original layout of the default workspace by clicking the Reset button (⟲) displayed at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Configuring widgets

You can configure the layout of widgets in a custom workspace as follows:

  • Rearrange widgets

    Click and hold the widget header and drag it to a desired location on the page.

  • Resize widgets

    Hover the mouse cursor over the edge of a widget pane, then drag it to resize the pane. You can also drag the bottom right corner of a pane to customize both its width and height at once.

  • Add new widgets

    To open the widget list, click the plus button (+) on the toolbar on the left. Click a widget that you want to add to the workspace.

You can make any of the widget panes display multiple widgets on separate tabs:

  • Add tabs to a widget pane

    To add a new tab to a widget pane, click the plus icon (+) in its upper right corner. In the widget list that is displayed, click the widget that you want to add to a new tab on this pane.

  • Remove tabs and widget panes

    Click the cross button (x) next to a widget caption to remove this tab from a widget pane. Upon removing the last tab from a pane, the pane itself is removed.