Roll Back

On this page, you can locate and revert (roll back) trades executed on the exchange.


You can only revert trades executed by users assigned a Frozen status.

To find a particular trade, specify the day and time period within which it has been executed. In addition, you can specify a currency pair (market) and a user who executed the trade.

The search results are displayed in a list providing information about the trades matching the specified criteria.

General info

The following information is displayed in the trades list:


The email of a user who executed a trade.

Assets change

The aggregate amount of assets purchased or sold by a user within a specified time period.


Upon clicking the ellipsis button next to an entry displayed in the list, you can see a list of all trades executed by a user within the specified time period.

The following information is provided about each trade:

Order ID

The order identifier.

Execution ID

The trade identifier.

Market ID

The currency pair identifier.

Order Type

The order type.

Order Status

The current order status.

Quote Amt

The amount traded, in a quote asset.

Base Amt

The amount traded, in a base asset.


The commission amount charged for a trade.

Commission (root asset)

The commission amount charged for a trade, in conversion to the exchange root currency (for example, USD).

Executed At

The date and time when a trade was executed.


The net profit-loss calculated for a trade.

To roll back a trade, enable a corresponding check box displayed next to it and click Revert. As a result, the selected trades change their status to Reverted and the balances on trading accounts opened on corresponding markets are updated to reflect the changes.