Trade monitor

On this page, you can monitor trades executed on the exchange in real time.

The Trade Monitor is disabled by default and no data is displayed in a corresponding table. To enable monitoring, select the time interval (1, 3, 5 or 8 minutes) at which the data should be updated and click Run Monitoring. While the incoming data is being processed, information about the trades is updated and displayed on this screen.

General info

The following information related to trades is displayed in this section:


The email of a user who executed a trade.

Execution ID

The trade identifier.

Order ID

The identifier of an order related to a trade.

Market ID

The currency pair identifier.

Order Type

The order type.

Order Status

The current order status.


The roles currently assigned to a user who executed a trade.

Executed At

The date and time when a trade was executed, as per the exchange time-zone settings.

Extended info

The following information is displayed about each trade upon clicking the Show all details button at the top of the page:


The trade side (buy or sell).

Remaining Amount

The order amount that has not yet been filled.

Base Amount

The amount traded, in a base asset.

Quote Amount

The amount traded, in a quote asset.

Ex. Price

The asset price at which a trade was executed.

Commission (root asset)

The commission amount charged for a trade, in conversion to the exchange root currency (for example, USD).


Indicates whether a trade has been executed via the trading API or the exchange UI.

You can click the funnel button at the top of the page to filter the displayed data: for example, you can display only trades executed on a certain market within a specified amount range.

After monitoring is enabled, you can switch to other Admin Panel sections without interrupting the process.

To stop monitoring, click a corresponding button at the top of the page.