Order types

Orders of the following types can currently be placed on the exchange:

  • Market — an instruction to instantly buy or sell a certain asset amount at a currently best price on the market. Such orders are not listed in the order book.

  • Limit — an instruction to buy or sell a certain asset amount at a specified price. Limit orders are placed in the order book and executed only after the market price reaches the specified limit price (or at a better price).

  • Stop market — such an order is not placed unless the current market price meets a specified stop (or trigger) price, after which the order is placed as a regular market order due to be executed or cancelled, depending on its time-in-force settings.

  • Stop limit — the order is similar to the stop market order in the sense that you need to indicate the stop price at which the order must be placed, after which it becomes a regular limit order awaiting execution at a specified limit price.


For stop buy orders, the stop price should be above the best ask price; for stop sell orders, the stop price should be below the best bid price (otherwise, the orders will be activated instantly).

Refer to Time-in-Force settings to learn about execution parameters that can be specified for different order types.