Add a new admin user


This operation can be performed only by users assigned the Admin role.

To add a user with administrator permissions, proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Admin users in the Admin Panel main menu.

  2. Click the Add User button, and then specify the following settings:

  • E-mail — the user email that is used to log in to the exchange.

  • Nickname — the username on the exchange. It must include only alphanumeric characters; special characters and blank spaces are not supported.

  • Password — the user password, which must include at least six characters, counting Latin alphabet letters in both the upper- and lowercase, special characters and digits.

  • Role — the assigned user role. Set this field to Admin.

We recommend that you also enable the following option in order to further secure user access to the exchange:

  • Enable Two FA — enables two-factor authentication for users accessing the exchange.

With this option enabled, the user must enter a temporary verification code that is delivered by email each time when they log in to the exchange.

  1. Click Proceed to apply the changes.