Admin users

On this page, you can find settings related to users assigned the following roles granting them access to the Admin Panel:

  • Admin — users with this role are permitted to change the status of other users, update the market status, assign user roles, specify commissions charged for trades and withdrawal transfers, as well as set new passwords for exchange users

  • Support — users with this role are permitted to change the status of other users and cancel (roll back) trades

  • Bot — a role assigned to non-human accounts, such as those created for trading bots

At the top of this page, you can switch between various tabs displaying users with corresponding roles.


You can grant access to the Admin Panel to a new user by clicking the Add User button.

Upon clicking a user profile in the user list, you are navigated to the Account Details page providing information about the user status, roles, email and nickname. In addition, you can see the current aggregate balance on all deposit accounts available to this user, as well as find out whether the user has been provided with trading API keys.

You can customize a user profile by clicking the gear icon displayed at the top of the page.

The Login Info tab displayed on this page provides information about each user session, including the date and time when a user has logged in, a session IP and country.