In the Transfers section, you can view a history of all deposit and withdrawal operations performed by each user.

You can filter data related to user transfers by clicking the funnel button displayed at the top of this screen. In particular, you can display only transfers made during a certain time period and/or transfers corresponding to a specified type (deposit or withdrawal) and asset name.

General Info

The following order data is displayed in this section:


Indicates the date and time of a transfer (according to the current time zone settings).


Indicates the email of a user who made a transfer.


Indicates the transfer type (deposit or withdrawal).


Indicates the traded asset code (such as BTC for bitcoin).


Indicates the executed order amount.

Amount (root asset)

Indicates the executed order amount, in conversion to the exchange root currency (for example, USD).


Indicates the role assigned to a user who made a transfer.


Enables you to access detailed information about an order by clicking the information icon (in case of rolled back trades, the order ID and trade ID are displayed in this field).

Transfer ID

Indicates the transfer ID.

RateToRoot asset

Indicates the conversion rate applied upon converting an asset to the exchange root currency (for example, USD).


Indicates the current status of a transfer operation:

  • Awaiting Confirmation — a withdrawal transfer request has been created and is awaiting confirmation

  • Pending — a deposit transfer request has been created and is awaiting completion

  • Completed — all operations related to transfer processing have been completed

  • Failed — a transfer operation has failed

  • Canceled — a transfer has been canceled


The following tabs are available in the Transfer details section displayed upon clicking a transfer on the previous screen:

Transfers tab

Displays a table containing the same fields as the table in the General info.

Balances tab

Provides information about current balances on user deposit accounts.