On this page, you can find a list of the most recent trades sorted by their execution date.

General info

The following data is displayed on this page:


The email of a user who executed a trade.


The trade side (buy or sell).

Base Amount

The amount traded, in a base asset.

Quote Amount

The amount traded, in a quote asset.

Total Base Amount

The amount traded (before commission), in a base asset.

Total Quote Amount

The amount traded (before commission), in a quote asset.

Ex. Price

The trade execution price.


The currency pair.

Order Type

The order type.

Order Status

The current order status.


The roles assigned to a user who executed a trade.

Executed At

The date and time when a trade was executed (according to the current time zone settings).

Extended info

Upon clicking a trade in the list, you can view the details about orders related to this trade.


If a trade was executed based on multiple matched orders, a separate record is displayed for each order. For trades executed based on a single matched order or a fraction of it, a single record is displayed in the detail section.

Trade ID

The trade identifier.

Order ID

The identifier of an order related to a trade.

Commission Fee

The commission charged for a trade (as a percentage) according to specified commission settings.

Remaining Amount

The associated order’s amount that has not yet been filled.

Commission Asset

The asset in which a commission was charged and the commission amount.

Counterparty ID

The identifier of a trade counterparty (if any).