Roll back a trade


This operation can be performed only by users assigned the Admin role.


You can only revert trades executed by users with the Frozen profile status.

To revert a trade executed by an exchange user, proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to Dealing > Roll-Back in the Admin Panel main menu.

  2. Specify the day on which a trade has been executed using the Date field displayed at the top of the screen.

  3. Specify the period during the day within which the trade has occurred.

  4. In addition, you can specify a user who has executed the trade as well as a corresponding market.

  5. Click Search to find trades meeting the specified criteria.

  6. Locate the required trade in the list and click the Revert position button (↩).


A single limit order may be executed in multiple trades. To revert a particular trade executed as part of a limit order, click the ellipsis button next to an entry displayed in the list. To roll back a trade, enable a corresponding check box displayed next to it and click Revert.

As a result, the selected trades will change their status to Reverted and the user balances on deposit accounts nominated in corresponding currencies will be updated to reflect the changes.

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