Monitor user transfers

To generate a summary report containing data about transfers made by exchange users, proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to Transfers in the Admin Panel main menu.

  2. To display transfers made by a specific user, use the search panel to specify a user email or nickname. In addition, you can click the funnel button displayed at the top of this screen to display only transfers made during a certain time period and/or corresponding to a specified transfer type (deposit or withdrawal) and asset name.


The data included in the created Excel file will match the currently applied sorting and filtering criteria.

Exporting large quantities of data may take a lot of time. For this reason, we recommend that you limit the number of data records included in the resulting Excel file.

  1. Click the XLS icon in the upper right part of the page to prepare a report.

  2. Click the Download icon (↓) in the upper right part of the page to view a list of generated reports.


  • The most recently generated report is located at the top of the list

  • Reports are downloaded as .xlsx files

  • Once a report is downloaded, it is removed from the list

  1. Click the Download icon (↓) displayed next to a created report to download it.