Change the password for an admin user


This operation can be performed only by users assigned the Admin role.

Proceed as follows to change the password for a user with administrator permissions:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Admin Users in the Admin Panel main menu.

  2. Locate a required user profile in the list. You can use the search panel to find a user by an email or nickname.

  3. Select a corresponding entry in the users list and click the gear icon displayed at the top of a details page that has been loaded.

  4. In the dialog window that is invoked, click Change Password.

  5. Specify a new password and click Proceed to apply the changes.


A new password should differ from the current password and contain at least six characters including both uppercase and lowercase Latin alphabet letters, as well as special characters and digits.


Upon saving the changes, the previous password becomes invalid and can no longer be used to access the Admin Panel.